Switzerland is home to some of the most amazing spa hotels in the world– in fact, it’s a premier haven for those seeking to embark upon the perfect relaxing wellness holiday. Three hotel and spa combinations in particular stand out, and are my first recommendation when looking to book a trip to Switzerland.

Tschuggen Grand Hotel


With its wonderful views and attentive staff, Tschuggen Grand Hotel may confuse you into thinking you’ve found heaven on earth. Located in Arosa, the hotel is encircled by gorgeous snow-topped mountains. If the outdoors speak to you, you’ve stumbled upon paradise– the hotel offers a train, the Tschuggen Express, that will transport you up the mountain to a private hiking area. If you’d prefer to spend your time indoors, you’re sure to be just as pleased. The spa offers an amazingly exhaustive list of treatments and massages, no doubt leaving you feeling pampered; if the treatment you want isn’t on the list, the hotel will even arrange for an individual treatment. The food is raved about: breakfast is a cold buffet with hot food available for order, and lunch and dinner can be had at any of the three restaurants found in the hotel, or ordered from room service.

Hotel Schweizerhof

Hotel Schweizerhof
Nestled in the quaint, car-free town of Saas-Fee, the Schweizerhof is another lovely place to spend a holiday. From reception to departure, the staff are welcoming and accommodating. Booking a stay here entitles you to a pass to use all of the local buses and most of the lifts for free, giving you ample opportunity to explore your gorgeous surroundings. The food is lauded as Michelin quality, and every day of the week there is a different guided tour or hike planned. Where the Schweizerhof shines exceptionally, though, is in their spa. Beauty and body treatments are their specialty, and they seek to revitalise your body throughout your stay. You can book an individual treatment from Ayuverda to full-body peels, or spend your time in the day spa, in itself its own mini world, featuring: sanarium, caldarium, cristallium, Saas sweat room, light therapy, swimming pool, whirlpool, relaxation room, spa bar and gym.

B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa

Hürlimann Wellness Zürich

It may seem insane that you can find ultimate relaxation in a city of 380,000 plus, but B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa proves it’s as simple as checking in. Located in the heart of Zürich, Switzerland’s largest city, B2 Boutique stands out as unique on this list for many reasons. First is their thermal baths: travel down to the depths below the hotel, where beer used to be stored for aging, and immerse yourself in inviting wooden bathtubs fed by the Aqui spring. Alternatively, head to the roof, where you’ll find extravagant open air pools with an incredible view of the city. Treat yourself to an Irish-Roman spa ritual, or book an appointment for one of many massages or treatments. Another highlight of the hotel comes in the form of the wine library. Here you can find over 33,000 books and a quiet, intimate atmosphere, perfect for ordering some of the light fare offered and perusing the extensive wine list with a special someone.