A vacation can be an ideal time to get away from all cares and worries and truly relax. When I want to let go of my stress, I head to a spa. Spas can help people feel pampered and provide health benefits at the same time. One of the very best places in the entire world to enjoy the spa experience is Germany.

German Spas

Germany has long been noted as one of the found places of spas. People have been coming to Germany to enjoy refreshing health oriented getaways for many centuries. When looking for the right spa experience, you will find much to pick from in this modern society. I have several recommendations that will suit those who want to have an excellent stay.

Brenners Park Hotel & Spa


Located in the historic town of Baden-Baden, Brenners Park provides a spa that is devoted to both relaxation and fitness. The spa at Brenners Park has a special designed space where visitors can find unique beauty treatments from skilled staff members who have years of experience helping people look and feel their best. They offer a very special body massage that combines classic massage techniques with modern Shiatsu techniques. Lymph flow and blood circulation will be improved as a result of a highly tested combination of stroking, kneading and pressing. Visitors can work with the staff beautician learn which beauty products are right for their specific needs. A long soak in the hotel pool afterwards can help the traveler relax even further.

Claudius Therme

The Claudius Therme is one of the premier spas in Germany and the entire world. Perhaps the highlight of any spa visit here are the spa’s noted indoor and outdoor thermal baths. These clear water pools offer healing water visitors can bathe and sit in for as long as they want as well as bubbling whirlpools, sun filled solariums, pure water drinking fountains and the spa’s world famous hot-and-cold grotto. Pools at the Claudius Therme also feature Massage jets, soothing bubble beds, helpful neck showers and current pools as well as chill-out spaces where visitors can enjoy cooler air.

The Friedrichsbad


This luxurious resort specializes in providing a Roman-Irish bath experience: Friedrichsbad. Travelers are invited to enjoy the classic Roman bath experience and the Irish hot air baths. People travel through a series of seventeen separate health and healing stages that are designed to refresh the body and the mind at the same time. People typically begin with a series of eight stations that are designed to bring their body temperature up very slowing. This helps aid in digestion and provides the traveler with a feeling of warmth. During the next stages, the body is slowly cooled during as the person travels through a series of slightly cooler baths. Doing so aids the blood circulation of the traveler and helps provide them with overall feeling refreshing vigor and a sense of calmness. Many emerge from this series of baths and treatment feeling far more relaxed.