On March 5 and 6 Human Rights Tattoo, a world wide art project from the Netherlands, will arrive in Geneva Switzerland to be part of Festival du Film et Forum International Sur les Droits Humain 2016. There, Human Rights Tattoo will tattoo a couple of phrases from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Human Rights Tattoo

The Human Rights Tattoo project is a community art project started by dutch artist Sander van Bussel that aims to create awareness and underline the importance of Human Rights. Its goal is to tattoo the complete Declaration of Human Rights on individuals, letter by letter. The complete text of the declaration contains 6773 letters. Each person gets one character. This means that in the end, there is a group of 6773 people from all around the world walking together with the complete text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Human Right Tattoo

People from 56 countries word wide

The goal of the artproject is to tattoo the complete Declaration of Human Rights on individuals, letter by letter, on 6773 people worldwide. Human Rights Tattoo is a way to unite people who share their belief in human rights, to create awareness and to underline the importance of human rights. Until now they tattooed 2830 people from 56 different countries.

Become a Human Rights Tattoo Ambassador!

On 5 and 6 March van Bussel and his team will be at Usine Kugler to tattoo the next sentence in the declaration. Geneva-based tattoo artists Yashka Steiner and Caroline Vitelli will make the tattoos.

Participants who sign up get the first letter in order of the declaration. This means that people can’t choose the tattooed letter. Size and place on the body of the tattoo is up to each individual. The motivations of the participants will be united on the Human Rights Tattoo website (www.humanrightstattoo.org). On the site you can read the declaration in tattoos. Every tattooed letter is clickable, so one can see who is behind the letter and what his motivation for the letter is.

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March 5th from 17.00h till 20.30h.
March 6th from 15.00h till 19.00h.


Av. de la Jonction 19 rue de la Truite 4 + 4bis, CH-1205 Genève

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